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Garage Door Maintenance

Do you remember when was the last time you booked garage door maintenance in Burlington, Ontario? If it’s been a while or if you consider that your garage door should be routinely inspected by an expert, get in touch with our company.

While your personal visual garage door inspection may help you understand if there’s a need for some service or not, it’s not enough. Sometimes, problems are hidden. And even if you have some knowledge, having the garage door and all its parts thoroughly checked is not easy to do. Not without extensive training. Not without experience. At the same time, garage door maintenance services are incredibly vital. Isn’t it best to entrust them to trained specialists? Burlington Garage Door Repair is truly an option you won’t regret. Let us tell you why.

Garage Door Maintenance Burlington

Meticulous garage door maintenance, Burlington residents may rest assured

All Burlington garage door maintenance services are offered when it is suitable for the customer. Overall, it’s best that the garage door is inspected and maintained at least once a year. But then again, it depends on a variety of things – the garage door’s age, condition, material. Also, the location, the climate, the exposure of the garage door to the elements. No wonder our team offers several maintenance programs! And no matter which program is suitable to your own needs, you can be sure that the job is done to perfection – from the initial inspection to every garage door adjustment.

What a typical garage door maintenance checklist looks like?

The garage door repair Burlington techs follow the entire checkpoint list, inspecting, fixing, adjusting, lubricating. Should we give you an idea of what’s included in a typical maintenance service?

  •          Garage door troubleshooting and all sorts of repairs
  •          Thorough inspection of the cables, springs, rollers – all parts
  •          Testing the safety features, the force, the balance
  •          Removing debris, especially from the tracks
  •          Making adjustments, tightening the fasteners
  •          Applying lubricants to all moving parts

The importance of regular garage door lubrication and servicing

It takes regular maintenance, lubrication with quality products, extra careful inspection, and quite a few adjustments to have the garage door working well for long. The key word here is regular. By having the garage door maintained regularly, you prevent troubles that are bound to happen for one reason or another.

Another main point? The actual service. The way it is done. It’s no surprise that our customers have signed up with us. We send experienced techs to inspect, lubricate, adjust, and fix garage door minor problems. And by doing so regularly and with the utmost professionalism, we prevent problems. Why don’t you schedule your Burlington garage door maintenance with us and see the excellent results of the service for yourself?